Malasana Yoga Vienna x MeBloom BeLoved belly sheet mask

A Harmonious Collaboration - Malasana Yoga and Belly Sheet Mask

Pregnancy, an extraordinary journey of creation and transformation, brings the miracle of life. As an expectant mother, you are embarking on a beautiful and awe-inspiring chapter of your life. During this precious time, caring for your body becomes paramount, as it nurtures and sustains the life growing within you.

A Sanctuary of Well-being with Daniela's Pregnancy Yoga

Meet Daniela, a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher based in Vienna. With a profound understanding of the transformative journey of motherhood, she offers a range of yoga classes tailored specifically to support women throughout their pregnancy and beyond. As a mother of two young children herself, her personal experiences fuel her passion to guide and nurture expectant mothers and new mothers on their paths to wellness.

Daniela's offerings include pregnancy yoga, birth preparation yoga, and yoga with baby, enriched with mental training exercises. Her focus extends beyond physical practice, as she recognizes the importance of nurturing both the body and mind during this pivotal time in a woman's life.

Serenity Unveiled: The Perfect Blend of Malasana Yoga and Mebloom's Belly Sheet Mask

MeBloom and Malasana Yoga came together for a special collaboration. As our co-founder Alex is pregnant, she was delighted to join Dani's yoga session. The participants settled on their mats, excited and ready, and Daniela began to guide them through a calming meditation to help them connect with their bodies and growing babies.

Along the way, we introduced the MeBloom belly sheet mask, which added an extra layer of relaxation to the session. Incorporating the belly mask into the yoga sessions allows for additional care and pampering, giving pregnant women a moment of rest from the demands of everyday life.

Enriched with natural ingredients, the MeBloom belly sheet mask complements the benefits of yoga by promoting skin health, nourishment and relaxation. Using the belly mask during meditation is truly a holistic experience of body and mind care.


If you've always wanted to try pregnancy yoga but don't know where to start, we've got you covered! You can now find the Malasana Yoga x MeBloom full video on YouTube and easily practice yoga and embrace self-care during pregnancy from the comfort of your own home. 

If you're looking to embark on a transformative and nurturing yoga journey during pregnancy or postpartum, Daniela's classes in Vienna await you with open arms. Experience the power of yoga and mental training as you embrace the new chapter of motherhood with confidence and serenity. 











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