Behind MeBloom is a team of ambitious women with big dreams passionately committed to creating products that help expectant mothers and their children.

If you need any help, we´re here for you. In the meantime please have a look at our FAQ page.



What is MeBloom?

MeBloom is your time to shine!

We are an Austrian skincare brand devoted to promoting self-care and self-love
during a woman's most important life event: pregnancy. Our skincare products
help women accept and appreciate their physical changes during pregnancy (and beyond) while also encouraging positivity and self-care. MeBloom fosters a community where expecting mothers may unwind, soak in some ‘me-moments‘, and learn about different aspects of pregnancy.

The MeBloom-Team?

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The heart and biggest strength of our successful teamwork is friendship. At the core of MeBloom's team are Alex and Niki, friends from university. Their joint work is based on the principles of mutual respect, empathy and openness. Together, they bring "female strength," stronger together than alone. They are always working on expanding their endeavors, so if you're interested in joining MeBloom team in the future, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on our job openings and projects!


How are the MeBloom products manufactured?

A careful selection of the best of everything!

Creating skincare products for the most precious moments of a woman's life is a huge responsibility. We thus carefully selected cosmetics manufacturers. It was essential for us that the products were not only manufactured following the
highest quality standards but also that the principles of sustainable development in ecology, economy, and social esponsibility were observed.

The "Made in Germany" seal, combined with our openness to any innovation, provides a dynamic uniquely reflected in the quality of our products. Extensive
quality management systems ensure the best quality from the raw material to the end product.

Who develops the products for MeBloom?

We trust professionals!

Alex and Niki, the founders of MeBloom, developed the concept and the design of the products. Driven by scientific curiosity and a desire to create high-quality and sustainable cosmetic products, they worked as a team with professional researchers in German laboratories to develop the specialized product formula.  MeBloom has been tested (and approved) by mothers and pregnant women. Their feedback, ideas, and suggestions significantly contributed to the
development of MeBloom – the glow for every mom-to-be.

Where can I buy MeBloom products?

Right here!

MeBloom is available right here, on themebloom.com. Please see our Shipping & Returns page to double-check if we ship to your country. We will keep you posted as soon as we add a new marketplace, whether online or in stores. 

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Discounts are for subscribers!

All discounts/promotions are announced on our website, via our social channels and newsletter. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you haven't already so that you can be kept up to date and receive subscriber-exclusive deals.

What makes MeBloom products’ formula unique?

Plant-based ingredients to help your flowering moments!

Our products use nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your stressed and sensitive skin. We work with European suppliers that provide us with the highest-quality botanicals from all around the world.

Our products recipes have been specifically engineered to be used safely throughout pregnancy and with newborns. Our goal was to strike the finest possible balance between our product's effectiveness against stretch marks and its natural appearance. Our formulas contain only the necessary ingredients and no additional additives.

Are MeBloom products all-natural?

MeBloom is 100% certified natural skincare!

To ensure the safety of both mothers and babies, MeBloom products have been tested and certified safe for use by Brussels based non-profit-organization, Natrue, which is devoted to protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics. Our products have also been tested for possible allergic reactions and safety use by Dermatest, the independent German-based dermatological research institute. Our products use strictly nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for your stressed and sensitive skin.

Are MeBloom products vegan and cruelty-free?

Animals are not ingredients!

Our products do not contain any animal ingredients and have never been tested on animals.

Do MeBloom products contain fragrances?

Our BeLoved belly sheet mask is fragrance-free. Our BeSilken body balm stick contains a natural cotton and vanilla fragrance.

Do MeBloom products contain paraffins, parabens, sulfates, silicones or microplastic?

We'll keep this brief!!



Is the packaging made of sustainable materials?

MeBloom loves EARTH!

We strive to use only easily recyclable materials, and we trust that our customers take great effort and responsibility in making sure that the packaging is channelled into efficient recycling and recovery routes.

All our boxes are made from an eco-friendly FSC-certified paper and boards that are 100% biodegradable.

Our balm-stick tube is made of 100% PCR plastic. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. Our refills are 100%

Our mask sheet is OK COMPOST-certified, which means that you could put it in the bio bin and after six months, 90% of the material has to be fully decomposed.  Furthermore, we invest our time and capital in research, so that we can also use eco-friendly sachet packaging in the future.

All our suppliers must comply with our code of conduct within sustainability, ethical, and quality requirements.

Where (or how) are the ingredients sourced?

For the belly sheet mask, we source ingredients from European sustainable sources. In case of the body balm stick and the refill, we have collected the raw materials by carefully selecting fairtrade suppliers from all over the world.

Why do you call your product sustainable while sheet masks are a huge source ofwaste?

Women use only 42 masks during pregnancy, so...

We believe that there are situations when extra self-care is more than reasonable. Pregnancy is a mentally and physically demanding experience. Nowadays, a woman only gets pregnant one or two times. On average, you'll wear 42 masks during one pregnancy if you follow the recommended use regimen. Our goal is to make the experience of being pregnant as pleasant, beautiful, and delightful as possible. Why not indulge in a gratifying ritual? 

What is your CO2 footprint?

We are a CO2 friendly brand.

Our mask is made with regenerative energy to be climate-neutral, whereas our body balm stick manufacturer had received the Ecovadis platinum label in 2020.
Moreover, it belongs to the top 1% of CO2-friendly manufacturers in the industry in 2021. Our products are as well delivered to you in a CO2-neutral manner.


Have a problem with a placed order

Every order is a high priority!

Feel free to send us a message via our contact form. You can also send us an email to office@themebloom.com for urgent cases.

Can I cancel or change an order?

Imagine you are at the mall with your shopping basket...

As long as your order is being processed, we can still make changes to the address and products. Please contact us via office@themebloom.com; include your order number for us to process your inquiry faster.

We strive to process all orders within 1-2 business days and can only accommodate any changes to your order if the package has not been dispatched from our warehouse. We will do our best to respond to your request before your order goes out.


Which countries do you ship to and what are the shipping costs and duration?

Austria & Germany
CO2 neutral delivery € 4,90, 2-4 workdays

EU countries
CO neutral delivery € 9,50, 3-5 workdays

EU countries outside the EU

€ 13, 3-10 workdays

For more information, please visit our Shipping & Returns page.

How can I check the status of my order?

An e-mail was sent to you!

You can track your order by clicking the link in your order confirmation email.

Please note that it often takes our service carrier 24-48 hours to scan a package and update the tracking information within their system. Once your order has shipped, you should be able to see an update within 2 business days of shipment. Once your order has been filled and shipped, you will receive a
notification with a unique tracking link.

I think my package is lost, what do I do?

We always strive to provide the best possible service 

In case your package was lost or you received it damaged please reach out to us via our contact form so we can help you as soon as possible.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Many options to choose from!

We accept the following payment methods:





TIPP: If your credit card is not on this list, try adding it to your PayPal account and then pay for your order on our website using PayPal.

Does anybody get access to my personal payment information?

Your data is safe!

Your payment information is personal and will not be visible to us. Neither can we in any way store this information.

The account information entered upon checkout is sent directly in encrypted form (SSL) and only you and the Payment Service Provider have access to this information.

What can I do if my payment fails?

Clarify the issue...

First and foremost, double-check your card billing details. If your payment is still not going through, try contacting your credit card company to clarify the issue. If it is confirmed that the problem is on our side, please reach us via our contact form, and we will help you process your order as soon as possible.

Where can I find my invoices?

Check your email!

You can find your invoice in the order confirmation email you receive after you placed an order.


Can I return my order?

You have a 14 days return guarantee!

Yes, you can return your products, according to the legal rights of withdrawal, within 14 days from the date of delivery. Delivery costs are carried out by you.

For further instructions please consult the returns policy page.

We are always ready to discuss each case and listen to our customers. We want each
of you to feel cared for. So, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, or have any other concerns, write to us via our contact form.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

As quick as possible

Depending on your bank account, it may take up to 14 days to receive your refund. You will receive the payment back on the account that you paid from

What do I do if I receive a damaged item in my order?

Contact us immediately

We deeply apologize if you received a damaged or faulty item, please contact us via our contact form and we will take care of your case.